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13f - The Twelve Rukhs
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Giv fights Piran
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Mohl Bertels Khaleghi- Motlagh Mohl Warner
Volume 13f
Page 945
Verse Start 1547
Verse End 1625
f. 072v
Government Museum
ms. ACC 114
f. 213r
The British Library
ms. Oriental 1403
f. 060v
Institute of Oriental Manuscripts
ms. C 52
f. 233v
Turk ve Islam Eserleri Muzesi
ms. Ms. 1978
f. 234r
Turk ve Islam Eserleri Muzesi
ms. Ms. 1978
f. 625r
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
ms. Cod. pers. 8
f. 207v
The Chester Beatty Library
ms. Per 295
f. 291r
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
ms. S1986.58.1
f. 147v
Topkapi Sarayi Muzesi Kutuphanesi
ms. H. 1485
f. 215r
Fondation Martin Bodmer
ms. 513
f. 185r
University Library (Firestone)
ms. Islamic MSS, Third Series no. 310
f. 471r
National Library of Russia
ms. Dorn 333
f. 244b
Trinity College Library
ms. Ms 1549
f. 225v
University Library (Firestone)
ms. Ms. 58 G