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6 - Faridun (500 years)
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Faridun tests his sons
Public Notes
The princes return home and Faridun decides to test their mettle by turning himself into a dragon. The eldest son turns on his heels and flees, the second rashly points an arrow at the monster, the third harangues it with brave speech. Faridun reappears in human form and assigns each of his sons a name: the eldest is called Salm, because he ran for safety (salamat); the second is now Tur (other sources: Tuz), because of his rashness (tizi), the youngest is Iraj, on account of his heroism (dil-ir-i). The three princesses acquire names as well.

Project Notes
Most of the pictures show one or more of the princes confronting the dragon, but a couple illustrate them meeting Faridun in human shape. Subdivide?
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