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8 - Nauzar (7 years)
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Zal kills Khazarvan in combat
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Mohl Bertels Khaleghi- Motlagh Mohl Warner
Verse Start
Verse End
f. 609v
Bibliotheque Nationale de France
ms. Suppl. persan 489 (2nd part)
f. 034r
The Walters Art Museum
ms. Qavam al-Din
f. 076v
The British Library
ms. Oriental 12688
f. 059r
School of Oriental & African Studies
ms. Ms. 25294
f. 0110
Gulistan Museum
ms. Ms 2245
f. 074v
Institute of Oriental Manuscripts
ms. D 184
f. 104r
Metropolitan Museum of Art
ms. 1970.301
f. 012
Metropolitan Museum of Art
ms. 20.120.238-249
f. 062r
Metropolitan Museum of Art
ms. 13.228.16
f. 106
Gulistan Museum
ms. Ms 1946
f. 001v
Brooklyn Museum of Art
ms. 34.6035
f. 068v
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
ms. Cod. pers. 10
f. 050r
Bernisches Historisches Museum
ms. M.B.19
f. 061r
National Library of Russia
ms. PNS 394
f. 080v
Biblioteca Nazionale "V.E. III"
ms. Ms. III. G. 68bis
f. 050r
Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
ms. Perzsa Fol. 3