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21 - The Ashkanians (200 years)
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The execution of Ardavan by Ardashir
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Mohl Bertels Khaleghi- Motlagh Mohl Warner
Volume 21
Page 1507
Verse Start 419
Verse End 422
f. 284v
Ebrahimi Collection
ms. Inju 1352
f. 338r
The British Library
ms. Oriental 1403
f. 373r
Institute of Oriental Manuscripts
ms. C 50
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ms. Cat. No. 3, H. L. 360 A-B
f. 359v
The British Library
ms. I.O.Islamic 3254
f. 107v
Central Library, University of Tehran
ms. Ms. 1339
f. 134r
National Library of Russia
ms. PNS 266
f. 406r
Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library
ms. Cat. No. 3, H.L. 361 A-B
f. 456v
The Walters Art Museum
ms. Ms. W. 602
f. 193r
The K.R. Cama Oriental Institute
ms. BBP 86
f. 465r
The British Library
ms. Additional 27258
f. 075r
Andhra Pradesh Government Oriental Mss & Res. Inst.
ms. 1335
f. 089v
The Chester Beatty Library
ms. Per 270
f. 373b
Trinity College Library
ms. Ms 1549
f. 001
ms. 2017 October 25, lot 102
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University Library
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Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
ms. Cod. pers. 10
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Institute of Oriental Manuscripts
ms. D 377
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Free Library of Philadelphia
ms. Lewis O. 59
f. 244r
Punjab University Library
ms. Pe I 1c 1722