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13 - Kay Khusrau (60 years)
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Giv kills Tahzav in revenge for the death of Bahram
Public Notes
Giv kills Tazhav in front of the dying Bahram, who almost immediately dies himself.
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Mohl Bertels Khaleghi- Motlagh Mohl Warner
Verse Start
Verse End
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Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
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ms. 2004 April 24, lot 25
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ms. 2004 April 28, lot 25
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Sam Fogg
ms. Eckstein Shahnama
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The British Library
ms. I.O.Islamic 3254
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Public Library
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Niedersaechsische Staats- und Universitaetsbib. G.
ms. 2 Cod. Ms. Asch 79
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Museum of Islamic Art
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ms. Ms 1945-1227
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Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
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