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13 - Kay Khusrau (60 years)
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Kay Khusrau enthroned
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Mohl Bertels Khaleghi- Motlagh Mohl Warner
Verse Start
Verse End
f. 140r
National Museum
ms. Ms. 58.1
f. 139v
Aga Khan Trust for Culture
ms. 2005.1.268 (Ms 11)
f. 143r
Keir Collection
ms. III.133-175
f. 754v
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
ms. Cod. pers. 8
f. 138r
Topkapi Sarayi Muzesi Kutuphanesi
ms. H. 1499
f. 0270
Gulistan Museum
ms. Ms 2245
f. 223r
Museum of Contemporary Arts
ms. Shah Tahmasp
f. 140v
National Museum
ms. Ms. 48.6/3
f. 223r
National Library of Russia
ms. PNS 90
f. 315v
National Library of Russia
ms. Dorn 333
f. 007
ms. 2006 October 11, lot 33
f. 388v
The K.R. Cama Oriental Institute
ms. HP ms 9
f. 189v
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
ms. Cod. pers. 10
f. 414v
The British Library
ms. I.O.Islamic 3263
f. 141r
ms. 2016 October 21, lot 117
f. 091v
Matenadaran Institute of Ancient Manuscripts
ms. 535
f. 157r
National Library of Russia
ms. PNS 394
f. V1_158
Trinity College Library
ms. Ms 1550
f. 163r
The British Museum
ms. 1998-7-21-02
f. 146v
Public Library
ms. Spencer Pers. ms. 2
f. 192r
John Rylands University Library of Manchester
ms. Ryl Pers 525