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5 - Zahhak (1000 years)
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The early years of Faridun
Public Notes
Faridun is born. The remarkable cow Barmaya (variant: Purmaya) is born. Zahhak's henchmen apprehend Faridun's Father, Abtin, and kill him. His mother Faranak gives the boy to Barmaya, who nurtures him for three years. Then Faranak takes him to safety on mount Alburz in India. Zahhak slays the cow Barmaya and other cattle, and destroys Faridun's house by fire.

Project Notes
We should subdivide this into several scenes: (the birth of Faridun, the birth of the cow, the murder of Abtin, F's mother handing him over to the cow, and apportion the pictures accordingly. The 'Big Head' Shahnama has all these episodes, and more.

For the moment, renamed the early years of Faridun, rather than the birth of Faridun, as previously.

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