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Smith-Lesouef 238
Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale de France (in index)
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Accession Number:
Smith-Lesouef 238
Hijri Date:
1254 Jumada I 25
Gregorian Date:
1838 August 16
Lahore ? Punjab ?
from the library of the foundation of Alexandre-August Lesouef (1829-1906), the collector of Oriental and Occidental MSS. He was a memre of the Ethnographic Society and also the founder membre (Membre fondateur) of the Society of the Japanese Studies. His inheritant his sister Mme Smith and his nieces Jeanne and Madeleine Smith (later the wife of historian Pierre Champion) gave this collection (firent don a l’Etat) to the state in 1913, which formerly was preserved in Nogent-sur-Marne, in the library of the foundation Smith-Lesouef.
many different hands
Folios extant in ms.:
Estimated num folios in ms.:
Columns x Rows:
4 x 29
Page Size (h x w):
420 x 242 mm
Text Size (h x w):
296 x 148 mm
Indian Nasta'liq
Colophon Folio:
Sample Page Folio:
Num Other Colophons:
149v, 297r, 425r
Ms Type:
Ms Status:
Completion Status:
Ready to upload to website
Illuminations in ms:
Illustrations in ms:
51 ( 2 frontispiece(s) 48 Shahnama 1 other [ see f 21v ] )
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Dating Ref:
Blochet, E. Personal notes.
Origin Ref:
Richard, F. Personal notes.
Illustration Ref:
Blochet, E. Personal notes.
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f. 001v
Sulayman enthroned (frontispiece) (1838)
f. 002r
Bilqis enthroned (frontispiece) (1838)
f. 006r
The Div Khazarvan fights Siyamak (1838)
f. 021v
Scene from another epic (1838)
f. 032r
Manuchihr leads his army to fight Salm and Tur (1838)
f. 048r
Zal displays his skills before Manuchihr (1838)
f. 050r
Sam sees Rustam's portrait (1838)
f. 055r
The third battle between Nauzar and Afrasiyab (1838)
f. 060v
The combat between Rustam and Afrasiyab (1838)
f. 065r
Rustam's third labour: he kills a dragon (1838)
f. 067v
Rustam's seventh labour: he kills the White Div (1838)
f. 082v
Rustam kills Zhinda Razm (1838)
f. 095r
Sudaba accuses Siyavush (1838)
f. 121r
Faramarz captures Surkha, son of Afrasiyab (1838)
f. 129v
Farangis releases Piran from Giv (1838)
f. 138v
Farud asks the advise of his mother Jarira about how to deal with the approaching Persian army (1838)
f. 167v
Rustam captures and kills Kamus (1838)
f. 177r
Rustam divides the booty (1838)
f. 184v
Akvan Div flings Rustam into the sea (1838)
f. 191v
Bizhan is brought to the pit (1838)
f. 202v
In praise of Sultan Mahmud (1838)
f. 209v
Bizhan discusses Human's challenge with Giv and Gudarz (1838)
f. 222v
The eleventh combat: Gudarz fights Piran (1838)
f. 226v
Kay Khusrau mourns for Piran and the dead Turanians (1838)
f. 229v
Kay Khusrau prepares to ride against Afrasiyab (1838)
f. 234v
Kay Khusrau fights Shida (1838)
f. 251v
Kay Kavus and Kay Khusrau come to Hum (1838)
f. 265r
Luhrasp receives Zarir and Gushtasp on their return from Rum (1838)
f. 275r
Arjasp writes to Gushtasp (1838)
f. 280r
The battle between Gushtasp and Arjasp (1838)
f. 302r
Isfandiyar before Gushtasp (1838)
f. 305r
Rustam sending his answer to Bahman (1838)
f. 337r
The third battle between the armies of Iskandar and Dara (1838)
f. 342r
Kayd, the King of Hind, tells his dreams to his vizier, Mihran (1838)
f. 350v
Taynush enthroned (1838)
f. 360r
Iskandar mourned (1838)
f. 366r
Ardavan led captive before Ardashir (1838)
f. 377v
Ardavan's daughter tries to poison her husband Ardashir (1838)
f. 384r
Anushirvan establishes peace (1838)
f. 393r
Bahram Gur, Munzir and Nu'man receive a Persian delegation at Jahrum (1838)
f. 405v
Bahram Gur marries Arzu, the daughter of Mahyar the jeweller (1838)
f. 412r
Bahram Gur receives Caesar's envoy (1838)
f. 445r
Anushirvan dictates an answer to the Khaqan's letter (1838)
f. 464v
Anushirvan besieges the Rumis in Aleppo (1838)
f. 469v
Hurmuzd forces his high priest to eat poisoned food (1838)
f. 483v
Bahram Chubina acts as a king (1838)
f. 494r
Bahram Chubina and Khusrau fight on a mountain (1838)
f. 501v
Scene from another epic (1838)
f. 508r
Khusrau and Shirin (1838)
f. 517v
Khusrau Parviz answers his son's charges (1838)
f. 526v
Sa'd-i Vaqqas kills Rustam (1838)