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Ms 289
Oxford, All Souls College (in index)
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Sample Page
© All Souls College, Oxford. Reproduced by kind permission of The Warden and Fellows of All Souls College, Oxford
Accession Number:
Ms 289
Gregorian Date:
18th century
Folios extant in ms.:
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Columns x Rows:
4 x 0
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0 x 0 mm
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0 x 0 mm
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Ready to upload to website
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Illustrations in ms:
49 ( 49 Shahnama )
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2014-02-10 12:39
Public Notes
Provenance: Reginald Heber, Bishop of Calcutta from Maharaja Sya-Jee,

Gui-cowan, Raja of Baroda and Cattywar on 24 March 1825.

It can be observed that in many cases the rubrics serve as captions to the pictures, which follow immediately. (CM)

Project Notes
Being investigated by F.A. Not in Robinson's Oxford catalogues as not from Iran.

Need page and text block dimensions.

Fol. 214r taken as sample page for now - not clear what is its place in the ms. (clearly not marking division at reign of Luhrasp, if total no of folios is 209 as recorded [?]). File also contains other material from f. 219v.

Perhaps this is a sort of colophon marking end of existing text?

Lines recorded by SM.

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sample page
f. 009v
Illuminated unvan
f. 016v
Illuminated unvan
f. 019v
Kayumars enthroned
f. 020v
Hushang enthroned
f. 021v
Tahmuras and the Divs
f. 022r
Jamshid enthroned
f. 024v
Two snakes appear from Zahhak's shoulders
f. 034v
Kava carries his standard
f. 035v
Faridun fords the Dijla on the way to fight Zahhak
f. 036v
Faridun with Jamshid's daughters
f. 038r
Faridun puts Zahhak down into the pit (VAR)
f. 040v
The King of Yemen receives Faridun's sons
f. 045r
The murder of Iraj
f. 046r
The birth of Manuchihr
f. 050r
Manuchihr kills Tur in battle
f. 052r
Manuchihr fights Kakuy, grandson of Zahhak
f. 052v
Manuchihr kills Salm
f. 054r
Manuchihr enthroned
f. 056v
The Simurgh bids farewell to Sam's son
f. 073v
Zal displays his skills before Manuchihr
f. 075r
Zal marries Rudaba
f. 076r
The birth of Rustam
f. 077v
Sam visits Zal and Rustam
f. 078r
Rustam kills Zal's white elephant
f. 079v
Rustam fights Mihtar, kotwal of Kuh-i Sipand
f. 087r
Afrasiyab executes Nauzar
f. 089r
Zav, son of Tahmasp, enthroned
f. 089v
Garshasp enthroned
f. 092v
Kay Qubad enthroned
f. 099r
Rustam's first labour: Rakhsh kills a lion
f. 100v
Rustam's third labour: he kills a dragon
f. 102r
Rustam's fifth labour: he lassoes Aulad
f. 106r
Rustam fights the Mazandarani champion Juya
f. 107r
Rustam throws the King of Mazandaran in the form of a rock before Kay Kavus
f. 114r
Kay Kavus falls back down to earth
f. 132r
Rustam discovers Suhrab's identity
f. 161r
Siyavush fights Damur
f. 167v
Guruy executes Siyavush
f. 173r
Faramarz captures Surkha, son of Afrasiyab
f. 175r
Rustam kills Pilsam
f. 183r
Giv captures Piran
f. 188v
Kay Kavus gives up throne in favour of Kay Khusrau
f. 199r
Farud kills Zarasp
f. 201r
Farud retreats to his fortress and is mortally wounded by Ruhham
f. 202r
The death of Farud
f. 203rA
Tus's army pillages Farud's castle
f. 203rB
Jarira commits suicide over her son's body