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PERS 2.01 BD
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Accession Number:
PERS 2.01 BD
Hijri Date:
1012 Dhu'l-Qa'da 23
Gregorian Date:
1604 April 22
Looted from the Royal Palace at Dehli, sold by Quaritch to Hy. White for 30 guineas - later in the collection of Sir Harold Bailey.
Adina katib-i Bukhari
Abu Mansuri
Folios extant in ms.:
Columns x Rows:
4 x 25
Page Size (h x w):
335 x 205 mm
Text Size (h x w):
230 x 130 mm
Colophon Folio:
Sample Page Folio:
Num Other Colophons:
Ms Type:
Ms Status:
Completion Status:
Ready to upload to website
Illuminations in ms:
Illustrations in ms:
27 ( 27 Shahnama )
Illustration Records in archive:
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Date last updated:
2010-02-08 16:07
Public Notes
Many of the miniatures of this ms. belong to the Rustam cycle. Two similar copies are known from Samarqand. There are 27 miniatures of half page and fol. 3 has a full page miniature. The scenes are frequently depicted in a most idiosyncratic way, with the main point of the story at that moment overlooked by the painter.

The prose Preface begins : "Hamd-u sitayish mar khuday-ra 'azza wa jalla", that is, the "Abu Mansuri" preface.

For a preliminary description of the manuscript, see Maria Szuppe, "A preliminary account of the Persian Manuscripts in the collection of the late Sir Harold Bailey", Iran 35 (1997), pp. 118-19.

General Ref:
Szuppe, M. A preliminary account of the Persian Manuscripts in the collection of the late Sir Harold Bailey. (in Journal of the British Institute of Persian Studies) (35) pp. 93-101 UK.
General Ref:
Hinnels, J.R. Persian mythology. pp. 118-119 London. UK.
Dating Ref:
Colophon Extracted from the colophon of the work.
Origin Ref:
Colophon Extracted from the colophon of the work.
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sample page
f. 007v
Illuminated title page (verso side) (1604)
f. 008r
Illuminated title page (recto side) (1604)
f. 010r
The Div Khazarvan fights Siyamak (1604)
f. 012r
Jamshid enthroned, carried by Divs (1604)
f. 029r
Manuchihr kills Tur in battle (1604)
f. 037v
Rudaba lets down her hair for Zal to climb up (1604)
f. 044 r
Rustam kills Zal's white elephant (1604)
f. 060r
Rustam's third labour: he kills a dragon (1604)
f. 061v
Rustam's fifth labour: he lassoes Aulad (1604)
f. 063r
Rustam's seventh labour: he kills the White Div (1604)
f. 081v
Rustam mortally wounds Suhrab (1604)
f. 089v
The fire ordeal of Siyavush (1604)
f. 099v
Siyavush plays polo before Afrasiyab (1604)
f. 111r
Guruy executes Siyavush (1604)
f. 119v
Kay Khusrau crosses the Oxus with Farangis and Giv (1604)
f. 131v
Farud retreats to his fortress and is mortally wounded by Ruhham (1604)
f. 157r
Rustam captures and kills Kamus (1604)
f. 170r
Rustam overthrows Puladvand (1604)
f. 171v
Akvan Div flings Rustam into the sea (1604)
f. 185r
Bizhan and Rustam after the rescue from the pit (1604)
f. 234v
Gushtasp kills a dragon in Rum (1604)
f. 258r
Isfandiyar's first labour: he fights the wolves (1604)
f. 259r
Isfandiyar's third labour: he fights the dragon (1604)
f. 260v
Isfandiyar's fifth labour: he kills the Simurgh (1604)
f. 271v
Rustam kicks aside the rock pushed by Bahman (1604)
f. 279r
Rustam and Rakhsh wounded by the arrows of Isfandiyar (1604)
f. 309r
Iskandar builds a wall against Gog and Magog (1604)
f. 353r
Bahram Gur hunts lions (1604)
f. 453r
Bahram Chubina kills the monkey-lion (1604)