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O 15/7248
Lahore, Punjab University Library (in index)
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Accession Number:
O 15/7248
Hijri Date:
Gregorian Date:
1601 (to nearest hijri year)
Adina Katib and Mir Mah b. Mir 'Arab
Abu Mansur
Folios extant in ms.:
Columns x Rows:
4 x 25
Page Size (h x w):
355 x 220 mm
Text Size (h x w):
230 x 131 mm
Colophon Folio:
Sample Page Folio:
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Completion Status:
Search not completed
Illuminations in ms:
Illustrations in ms:
0 ( 23 Shahnama )
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2012-04-06 10:43
Public Notes
According to the colophon, half of the Shahnama was written by Mulla Adina Katib (Bukhari), and half by Mir Mah b. Mir 'Arab. The manuscript contains a mixture of original paintings of rather nice quality, and some more recent work (five paintings) evidently added in India or Kashmir in the 18th century: these tend also to be painted over the text.

For a brief discussion of the manuscript, see Karin Ruehrdanz, "The Samarqand Shahnamas in the context of dynastic change", Shahnama Studies II (Leiden, 2012), p.217.

Project Notes
Some paintings missed in preliminary investigation. Images requested.
Dating Ref:
Naushahi, K.A. A catalogue of Persian manuscripts in the Azir Collection of the Punjab University Library of Lahore. Islamabad. Pakistan.
Origin Ref:
Colophon Extracted from the colophon of the work.
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f. 018r
Kay Kavus airborne
f. 021r
Rustam kills Alkus in combat
f. 024r
Kayumars enthroned
f. 024v
The Div Khazarvan fights Siyamak
f. 062r
Rustam kills Zal's white elephant
f. 080v
Rustam's third labour: he kills a dragon
f. 081v
Rustam's fourth labour: he kills the witch
f. 082v
Rustam's fifth labour: he lassoes Aulad
f. 083v
Rustam's sixth labour: he kills Arzhang (1601)
f. 084v
Rustam's seventh labour: he kills the White Div (1601)
f. 093v
Rustam mortally wounds Suhrab
f. 099r
The fire ordeal of Siyavush
f. 107v
Siyavush plays polo before Afrasiyab
f. 163v
Rustam captures and kills Kamus
f. 179v
Akvan Div flings Rustam into the sea
f. 192r
Rustam rescues Bizhan from the pit
f. 239v
The execution of Afrasiyab (1601)
f. 240v
Kay Khusrau despairs of the world
f. 253v
Gushtasp kills a wolf in Rum
f. 255v
Gushtasp kills a dragon in Rum
f. 293v
Rustam shoots Isfandiyar in the eyes with a double-pointed arrow
f. 329v
Iskandar writes to and counsels his mother (1601)
f. 330r
Iskandar dies in Babylon
f. 364v
Bahram Gur dismisses Munzir and Nu'man
f. 501r
The musician Barbad plays for Khusrau Parviz