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Public Notes
The Library contains several Islamic manuscripts, including a number of copies of the Shahnama, mainly Turkish translations. O. St. 44 is a Turkish prose translation from the beginning to the start of the story of Suhrab, 297 folios, from the 11th c. AH/17th c. AD. It is not illustrated, but contains a pretty sarlauh at the start of the text. O. Nor. 40 is also a Turkish prose translation by Darvish Osmani, dated Safar 1013/July 1604, the text running from the beginning to the start of the story of Zal and the Simurgh; it is not a precious copy, and has no decoration. O. St. 68 is a selection of passages from the Shahnama in Persian, ff. 1v-40v and 51r-60v, including parts of a Barzunama and passages from Yusuf and Zulaikha attributed to Firdausi. It is written in nasta'liq from the late 11th-12th c. AH/early 18th century AD. Most of these manuscripts were purchased in Istanbul in 1782-3 by Adolf Fridrik.

In addition to these, there is a handsome illustrated copy of the Turkish prose translation by Medhi, containing vol. 1 of the text (for vol. 2, see the State University Library in St Petersburg and the description by F. Abdullaeva), and also the Turkish poetic translation by Sherif, in a handsome volume without illustrations though with several spaces left for pictures that were never executed.

Project Notes
Visited 17 October 2011 (ChM) to see Turkish prose translation of Shahnama, thanks to Ali Muhaddis.

Need all details, address, copyright etc. Get from website.Pictures ordered.

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