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Dispersed mss
dispersed mss
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Public Notes
This part of the website brings together images of paintings that can be identified to have belonged originally to the same manuscript. In the first instance, these are famous manuscripts that have been broken up and dispersed because of the intrinsic value of the individual folios, as is the case with the Great Mongol ('Demotte') Shahnama and the Shah Tahmasp ('Houghton') Shahnama.

It is hoped that eventually as many dispersed pages as possible can be reunited in this 'virtual' way, and it is part of the long-term aims of the Project to identify and put together these scattered folios from manuscripts that will the need to be given a 'name'.

Note that these images are therefore duplicated in the database, appearing once in their present location (if known) and once in this 'dispersed' environment.

Project Notes
Plenty of work still to be done!
ms. First Small
201 images
ms. Freer Small
24 images
ms. Second Small
56 images
ms. Great Mongol
37 images
ms. Qavam al-Din
87 images
ms. Stephens
8 images
ms. Big Head
48 images
ms. Shah Tahmasp
19 images
ms. Muhyi al-Haravi
2 images
ms. Shah Isma'il II
30 images